Monday, September 20, 2010

SMS: Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Pie

What a fun and easy recipe we got to make this week. Special thanks to Melissa of the blog Lulu the Baker for such great pick (check out her blog for the recipe)!It was a big hit in my house and you can even pat yourself on the back after eating it because, hey, fresh blueberries equal antioxidants and fiber (and I am sure lots of other great things). The other really great thing about this recipe is that, while it looks pretty and fairly impressive, it is so incredibly easy (especially if you cheat and have a good friend like Marie Callendar help with the crust).
Enjoy a visual feast and take a look at the how the incredibly talented SMS bakers fared this week.
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  1. Great pictures!!! I need to try Marie, I need a pie crust friend.

  2. Looks fantastic! I think the trick to making this pie was using a tart shell instead of a deep dish crust.

  3. This looks irresistible! I skipped it and now I wish I hadn't...

  4. I didn't cheat on the crust this time (since I hosted, I felt like I had to go legit), but for Thanksgiving, I think I might just do the store-bought crust thing! I'm glad you loved the pie. Thanks for baking with me this week! --Melissa