Sunday, September 26, 2010

SMS Rewind: North Fork Peach Raspberry Pie

I actually made this lovely pie a while ago but I still had not gotten around to posting it. Since this week was kind of busy I decided to skip the Plum Raspberry Preserves that were picked by this week's hostess, Margo of Effort to Deliciousness, but be sure to check that out.

This pie was originally picked earlier this summer, on July 4th. It is a really simple pie. The taste is delicious and it is such a great way to use up that summer fruit. The peaches and the raspberries really compliment each other. I may be biased though because raspberries are probably my favorite fruit. I love the slightly tart flavor, of raspberries and of the pie :)
This pie was picked by Rebecca of the lovely blog, Beurrista. Be sure to check out her blog to get the recipe. It is worth making. Also you can check out the experiences of the other sms bakers by checking here.
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  1. Mmm, your pie looks great and it brings back good memories! This one definitely deserves a rewind!

  2. Your pie looks delicious! I have not made this one yet and will have to give the recipe a try soon, before fresh peaches are gone. Your crust looks so flaky and golden brown, just perfect!

  3. This looks so delicious! I skipped this one because I so can't make pie crust. I need to be brave and try this one.

  4. THAT is a beautiful pie. Looks absolutely delicious.

    Welcome to CEinMB. Good group. fun to cook with.

  5. Oh, good call on this rewind! I loved this pie and if I can find raspberries for a reasonable price I think I might make it one more time before winter arrives :) Glad it was a hit for you too!