Friday, October 1, 2010

CEiMB- Almond French Toast Bake

I have had this wonderful little cookbook by Ellie Krieger called So Easy for months and although I have looked through it several times, until last week it was mostly just keeping my other cookbooks company. No longer! I had come across a group called Craving Ellie in my Belly a few weeks ago and decided if I joined the group, then maybe I would actually use this wonderful cookbook. And that is just what happened :D I have now made my first delicious and really very healthy Ellie Krieger recipe. YAY!
It truly was a success in my opinion. My kids loved it, and while it wasn't my hubby's absolute favorite, he enjoyed it, and for me, two of my most favorite foods on the planet are french toast and bread pudding so, heck yes I am a fan. The other really winning quality: it was truly "so easy" to make. Isn't it great to actually find truth in advertising!
I followed the recipe pretty exactly. I only made 3 changes. The first one was to use frozen blueberries instead of fresh. The second change I made was that I didn't use real maple syrup, I just used the pancake syrup I had on hand. The last change I made was to use fewer eggs than called for. The recipe called for a whopping 8 whole eggs and 8 egg whites, that seemed like a lot for one loaf of french bread. After checking some comments on the Food Network link for the recipe, I saw someone suggested using only 5 whole eggs and 4 egg whites. That is what I did and for me it turned out great. Not soggy and just slightly crispy on the edges.
See how everyone else fared here and to try this recipe yourself, head on over to our hostess, Heide's blog, Chez Zero.


  1. Good call on cutting back the number of eggs! I have made a similar dish in the past with soggy results so I opted to sit this week out, but I think less egg would have been a great solution. Welcome to the group!

  2. Wasn't this a great recipe? I cut back on my eggs too. We ate it like dessert. Loved it. Also, love your gougeres. I totally forgot to make them!!!

  3. Yeah, I made it with the full 8 eggs and 8 egg whites, and it was way too soggy, almost inedible. I wished I'd read everyone's posts before making it, rather than after, or else this could have been avoided! But now I definitely want to make it with less eggs; I'm sure I'd love it that way.

  4. Somehow I missed stopping by, so sorry. I put you on my blogroll now so that I won't miss your next post for this group. This is a wonderful group and I like to stay current with commenting on everyone's post for CEiMB. Your adjustments look great in the finished product. This was a hit around here...I will make it again, might adjust the eggs as you were all talking about, too.