Sunday, June 6, 2010

No SMS this week :(

I really wanted to make these cookies but apparently the stores out by me are deficient! I could not find shelled pistachios anywhere accept Costco, and I just didn't want that big of a bag. I looked in baking good and the snack aisle, and I even checked every checkout stand (I probably looked half-crazed) because sometimes they have those snack bags of nuts. NADA. I guess I could have shelled them myself but by the time I decided I was going to have to do that, if I wanted to make these, my littlest guy came down with a fever.
I realize in the whole scheme of things these are not big problems, they were more like irritating mosquito bite problems. Ah well, I will make these sometime this summer and I am enjoying seeing how everyone else fared. Also skip on over to our wonderful pinch hitter's blog, Tracey of Tracey's Culinary Adventures.


  1. I had trouble finding the pistachios too so I feel your pain! In case you want to try these again sometime but still can't find pistachios, they'd work with just about any nut :)

  2. I used hazelnuts and they worked fine. I had pistachios but only one cup which was not enough. It came out just fine. I agree with Tracey, any nut should work.

  3. I used hazelnuts too! (And your breadsticks above look wonderful!)